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Create for Yourself an Index Card

You want to be an informed voter.  You want to learn about the issues and the candidates before the next election.

One of the first things to do is create a 3″x5″ index card and list at least the phone numbers for your federal, state, and local elected officials. When you hear of an issue that is important to you that comes up either in Washington DC or in Columbus, you will be prepared to take action right away!


Ohio has two senators:

Sherrod Brown: (202) 224-2315; Lorain – (440) 242-4100
Rob Portman: (202) 224-3353; Cleveland – (216) 522-7095

Lorain County map with Congressional districtsThere are three congressional districts represented in Lorain County (Click here to learn about gerrymandering):

OH-04 Jim Jordan (R): (202) 225-2676; Norwalk – (419) 663-1426
OH-07 Bob Gibbs (R): (202) 225-6265; Ashland – (419) 207-0650
OH-09 Marcy Kaptur (D): (202) 225-4146; Lorain – (440) 288-1500


Next you’ll want to know what Ohio House district you are in, and even in which precinct you live. To find this information, the Ohio Secretary of State has a handy lookup feature on their website.

Input your First Name, Last Name, County Name.  Click SEARCH. Write down your precinct number, Congressional district, Ohio Senate district, Ohio Rep. district.

Lorain County has a single State Senator:

OHSen13 – Gayle Manning (R): (614) 644-7613

Lorain County Ohio District MapAnd again, Lorain County is represented by three Ohio House districts:

OHRep55 – Nathan Manning (R): (614) 644-5076
OHRep56 – Dan Ramos (D): (614) 466-5141
OHRep57 – Terry Boose (R):(614) 466-9628


Here is list of the county-wide elected officials: Lorain County Officials
And here if the homepage of Lorain County which includes a link to the minutes of the County Commissioners meetings: Lorain County

We cannot list every official for your city, township, or village, so please take the time to learn the positions within your local government and the people performing those jobs.

Finally, to make use of all this information, you must be registered to vote. Here is the link to the Lorain County Board of Elections where you can find information on how to register, change your registration address, and past election results: Lorain County Board of Elections


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