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Costs of Citizenship

immigration and the lawOn Saturday, April 8, Totally Engaged Americans hosted former Ohio Representative Matt Lynch and Geauga County Commissioner Skip Claypool to discuss the ramifications of illegal immigration in Ohio. First of all, as conservatives frequently clarify but progressives never do, we are making a distinction between immigrants who are coming to this country through the legal process and those immigrants who are here unlawfully. In addition to that, this country has a problem with immigrants who have come here illegally and then who commit further crimes. In January, Rep. Jason Chaffetz had a notable observation during a House hearing.

The concern for many citizens in Ohio is the cost of illegal immigration as well as the integrity of the vote. The state of Ohio will grant a license to an undocumented resident, and with this license the person is unlikely to be questioned at the Boards of Elections. A recent audit found that over 300 non-citizens were registered to vote in Ohio (http://nbc4i.com/2017/02/27/ohio-secretary-of-state-investigation-found-non-citizens-registered-to-vote-cast-illegal-ballots/). This is a far different number than the stated “voter fraud never happens” claim that we hear so often.

As a state legislature, Lynch attempted to curtail some of these problems by preventing the state from issuing licenses to non-citizens. Despite a Republican-controlled legislature as well as Republicans in every state office, the legislation went nowhere. There is great social and political pressure to afford the voting privileges of citizens to those who simply reside in this state without having gone through the citizenship process. This pressure is felt by every officeholder in Columbus, including the three members of the Kasich administration (DeWine, Husted, and Taylor) who will likely vie for the 2018 gubernatorial nomination.

Ohio has another benefit for those living here as non-citizens: it provides discounted “in-state” tuition to Ohio colleges and universities. Of course, these discounts do come at a cost as Ohio tax dollars pick up the difference. If you add up the entire cost of illegal immigration, including the education, health care, and crime, Ohio costs total $1 billion each year.

With the new Trump administration, it is expected that a crack down on illegal immigration will come on a federal level. Two resources to consider when discussing upcoming policy changes are US 1373 and the book “Unfaithful Guardians.” The law stipulates in US 1373  that local governments must cooperate with federal officials when it comes to immigration policy. For those interested in the argument in favor of “sanctuary” cities, colleges, or states, you can read a proponent’s interpretation of this law (https://www.ilrc.org/sites/default/files/resources/fact_sheet_on_usc_1373_and_bja_funding_july_2016.pdf). Also Unfaithful Guardians is a book and website that explain the gradually encroaching of federal powers over state and individual sovereignty. It can become a tangled web when trying to discover why and how non-citizens began enjoying the rights and privileges of citizenship, but it is well worth the effort as the topic of illegal immigration will likely be very prominent in upcoming elections.

Lawlessness, Lies, and Delusions

Kafka's Metamorphisis“‘What’s happened to me?’ he thought. It was no dream.” In Franz Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis,” the main character wakes to find himself transformed into an insect and now cannot rationally interact with the world he once knew. On Saturday, June 13, Peter Kirsanow said that he feels the same way, except that HE is fine and the nature of those in power are unrecognizable. Kirsanow has served in Washington for almost twenty years as a member of the National Labor Relations Board and currently as a member of the US Civil Rights Commission, and he described the complete sense of disconnect between the people in Washington and everyday Americans. (Download the audio of his speech here.)


Richard Nixon is recognized by many Americans as one of the most lawless presidents in American history. Among his charges for impeachment were that he “endeavored to obtain from the Internal Revenue Service… confidential information contained in income tax returns for purposed not authorized by law, and to cause… income tax audits or other income tax investigations to be initiated or conducted in a discriminatory manner.” (In fact the entire articles of impeachment can be found here, and they are quite a read!) Well, if lawlessness actually occurs but no media is there to cover it, does it matter?

Under President Barack Obama, the IRS did in fact conduct themselves in an unlawful and discriminatory manner by scrutinizing conservative and tea party groups more closely and unfairly than they treated other groups. The news of this abusive targeting first came to light when Lois Lerner herself ADMITTED as much in May, 2013 (story from The Hill). The IRS claims that it was not political and was an honest error in judgement. The IRS also claims that Lerner’s hard drive crashed along with those of other employees, and that her emails were simply lost and could never be found. Anybody who has served on a jury knows per instructions from the judge, that if one part of a witness’s testimony is proven to be a lie then we may consider the rest of the testimony to be a lie if we choose. Well Lerner’s emails have NOT all been lost, and conservatives should have no trust whatsoever in any claims coming from the IRS on this matter. Continue reading

Practical thoughts on immigration

Hillsdale.edu February 2015 edtion of Imprimis featured Heather Mac Donald of the Manhattan Institute, and her “Practical Thoughts on Immigration.”

“… The lesson from the last 20 years of immigration policy is that lawlessness breeds more lawlessness. Once a people or a government decides to normalize one form of lawbreaking, other forms of lawlessness will follow until finally the rule of law itself is in profound jeopardy. Today, we have a constitutional crisis on our hands. President Obama has decided that because Congress has not granted amnesty to millions of illegal aliens living in the U.S., he will do so himself. Let us ponder for a moment just how shameless this assertion of power is. … “