Stop the Sales Tax Rally

Sales Tax RallyIn the 10-degree cold on Friday afternoon, a rally was held outside of the Lorain County offices in Elyria to gather signatures to stop a .25% sales tax increase from going into effect.

If the commissioners felt they needed this raise, they could have made that argument to voters last fall before the tax was defeated by a 75-25 margin. If the commissioners were going to cut the sheriff’s office in this time when the heroin problem is increasing in the county, they could have persuaded many voters to support this tax increase in November. If Commissioner Lori Kokowski thought the sales tax wasn’t necessary before the election, what didn’t she understand about the Lorain County budget during her campaign? What will Commissioner Matt Lundy say during his campaign next year?

The problem many Lorain citizens have with this sales tax increase is the manner in which it was done. Opponents to the petition (who were also present at the rally, by the way) argue that the county government needs financing to do it’s job. That is not in dispute.

Sales Tax RallyThe half of the sales tax increase offered on Election Day was to go toward transportation initiatives. There were no cries of layoffs in the Sheriff’s Office, and certainly no effective communication strategy to explain this to voters. Again, Lori Kokowski initially OPPOSED the tax increase so what were voters supposed to think?

Voters are sick of politicians who campaign one way and then vote the opposite way once elected. The voters were asked to decide on the sales tax increase and given the information we had at the time, it was rejected overwhelmingly! How can we now trust the commissioners who don’t provide people with good information before the election and then suddenly decide to cut law enforcement after the election?

On Facebook, you can follow Citizens for a Better Lorain County to see petition signing locations across the area. These petitions will stop the sales tax increase so we can have the debate that we apparently should have been having throughout 2016. Do this quickly though, as signature sheets MUST be turned in by Friday, January 13.

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