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Can Conservatives Unite in 2016?

Ohio Conservatives United Logo - state of Ohio image imposed on the US constitution encircled by stick figures holding handsA new sense of urgency and dedication has developed among conservatives this year. We will have experienced eight years of the most progressive administration in our lifetime, and for those who now want to swing the pendulum back to the right, the question becomes “What can we do to assure a 2016 victory?” Ohio Conservatives United has the answer.

The 2016 field of presidential will be vast and strong. (Of course I’m talking about the Republican field. Democrats are very welcome to embrace conservatism but unfortunately it seems that 2016 will not be that year.) Candidates on the conservative side seem to include Sen. Ted Cruz, Gov. Scott Walker and Dr. Ben Carson. The establishment/progressive side of the GOP will be represented as well. With such a large field, the winner of the early states of Iowa and New Hampshire may get barely 20% of the vote. The field will certainly thin by the time we vote in Ohio, but it’s possible that 4-5 strong candidates will still remain where the winner may only need just about 30% of the vote.

Additionally, Ohio has moved it’s primary date from March 8 to March 15. Why is this important? Because those states voting March 8 will get proportionally appointed delegates like Ohio did in 2012 where Mitt Romney got 38% of the vote and 35 delegates and Rick Santorum received 37% of the vote and 21 delegates. Instead in 2016, the first-place finisher of Ohio’s March 15 primary will get to name ALL of our state’s 66 delegates. Second place might as well be tenth place as Ohio will be one of the first of the remaining winner-take-all primary states. (Florida and Illinois are also scheduled to vote that day although the complete primary calendar is still in flux.)

If as conservative voters, we split our vote among three or four remaining conservative candidates, then we may allow the establishment/progressive candidate to win. If you want a conservative candidate to receive ALL of Ohio’s delegates, would you be willing to forgo your personal top choice if conservatives across the state of Ohio were trending toward somebody else?

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We Own The Message: Power To The People

red and blue "Power to the People" fistWe were happy to have Michael Gutierrez as a guest speaker on Saturday, May 9 (handout included and audio). Gutierrez was trained in grassroots campaign techniques while he was a liberal working on the cause to protect the environment. He did not go into the details of his conversion from liberal to conservative, however if history and experience are guides then it certainly required thoughtful consideration of public policy consequences.

Encouraging dependency on the government takes power away from the people. Increasing taxes and fees takes power away from the people. Creating excessive regulations and complex laws takes power away from the people. The consequences of progressive government-centered policies have weakened the populace and have caused generations of voters to feel more and more powerless. True limited-government conservatism is the only governing philosophy that ensures and is duty-bound to protect “Power to the People!”

Gutierrez had two principal techniques when communicating to anybody about public policy: be proactive and stay positive.

Too often, those in the Republican Party will be asked to react to respond to what President Obama is doing, or what Hillary Clinton has done, and so on. Following on the adage that “any press is good press,” this conversation, while it might be titillating, prosecutorial, and entirely based in fact, still has Democrat or liberal policies as its focus. The Republican Party and other conservatives should continue to promote their positive agenda even when given the opportunity to disparage the other side.

So what if the question deals with how racist, bigoted, and sexist conservatives are? Dismiss and even ignore those questions and do it with a smile. Gutierrez says that those in the Tea Party and conservative movement should not help perpetuate the negative press, following on the newer social media-based adage “don’t feed the trolls.” Maintaining and presenting a positive attitude is especially important given the excessively negative press that the tea party and conservatives get from the mainstream media, liberal bloggers, and cronies of Republican Senate candidates running for re-election.

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